[ patho=disease ]

Changing the paradigm of treatment and escaping the business of sickness

Pathopolis is a fast-growing urban centre with many challenges impacting the quality of life of its citizens: jammed traffic, air and water pollution, limited availability of green space, mobility largely dominated by individual cars, constant noise and stress… It is a city where people suffer from a fast-growing prevalence of chronic diseases, essentially linked to sedentary behaviours and poor dietPathopolis has no active lifestyle policy and its many doctors work in a silo of traditional pathogenic approach: symptoms, diagnosis and treatment… Its population suffers from a number of chronic, physical and mental conditions and the productivity of its workforce keeps falling. The budget for public health and social services is skyrocketing, raising serious concerns about equal access to healthcare. For the first time ever, the life-expectancy of Pathopolis’ new-born children is now lower than their parents’.

Working with other Global Active City experts, 
insPoweredBy empowers cities to identify their health and lifestyle challenges and to set up effective policies to address the quality of life of their citizens. A number of relevant measures can help Pathopolis to transform its urban and social fabric and to become Salutopolis… insPoweredBalso supports and advises public and private organisations that choose to focus on enhancing the well-being of their staff, members or clients with innovative solutions.

insPoweredby collaborates closely with experts in the field of movement and sports for all as well as sustainable health and sustainability in and through sport: