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Understanding contextual and individual barriers to movement and active lifestyles and ensuring accessibility for all

The birthplace and family context of an individual will largely determine the odds of her/him adopting an active and healthy lifestyle. Governments and city leaders should be aware of the fundamental inequalities when it comes to sedentarism, eating habits, education and access to healthcare and prevention. Physical activity and sport are often perceived as linked to leisure time and ranked low on the priorities of policy makers… However, it is now well-known and well documented that promoting an active and healthy lifestyle for all can bring a vast number of individual and collective benefits in terms of physical, mental and social healthA more active city, company, school or neighbourhood means more productive people and more inclusive communities.

insPoweredBy can support organisations and cities which care for their people (workforce, citizens, members or clients). Following a diagnostic assessment of the context and resources available, a combination of new policies, local interventions and a campaign can be designed to enable the organisation to address its challenges and enhance the quality of life of its target groups. insPoweredBy has solid experience in planning and delivering campaigns and events with a focus on engaging young people and leaving a human-centric legacy.