[ Athlima = sport ]

Leveraging the catalyst effect of sporting events for the benefit of everyone

The major event industry has come a long way in terms of managing the complexity of delivering large-scale sports competitions and the many complementary services, in often challenging contexts. Mega-events can now be hosted everywhere in the world, but there is still very little understanding from event owners and host city leaders about the benefits that can flow from an event, when well-planned. For a sustainable legacy of sports participation, upgraded skills, renewed leadership in sports administration and increased adoption of active, healthy lifestyles, not much is known about how to carefully identify, plan, deliver and nurture such people-focused benefits. Franchise owners now have to propose more than a one-shot event covering just a few days. Would-be host cities and their citizens expect more from a large-scale event than being able to shine on the world map for a short while.

The sports industry is experiencing a change of paradigm in the way it needs to frame and position major events. Today, it needs to refocus some if its energy on grassroot sports participation and on leveraging sports for inclusion, health, gender equality and other ways to benefit host communities.
While this vision stood prior to the 2020 corona crisis, it is insPoweredBy’s firm belief that the sports and event industry will never be the same and must be more virtuous than ever and driven by a heightened sense of (human) purpose.

insPoweredBy enjoys a long experience in the major events industry, with a focus on public engagement policies, knowledge sharing and planning & delivering event legacies. We can support sports organisations and cities alike in maximising the benefits that can derive from a sporting event. Sustainable legacies do not happen by themselves – it takes a strong vision and a lot of planning and efforts!