[ Urba = characteristic of city life ]

Promoting a trans-disciplinary approach to solve today’s complex challenges

Birthplace of insPoweredByOrbe is a small town in the Swiss Canton of Vaud, where more than 50 international sports federations are headquartered. Orbe is a Roman town with uniquely preserved mosaïcs– a reminder that culture and art are important constituents of a well-balanced, fulfilling urban lifestyle. 

insPoweredBy looks beyond the silos that define how people are trained and how they think, work and collaborate. Combining movement and sport with culture, education, nutrition, psychology, urban planning and arts, we can support policy-making that focuses on people’s well-being.

The founder of insPoweredBy is also the founder of two sports-led charities: Reach For The Moon (www.decrochonslalune.ch), designed to fight sedentarism by encouraging people to cover the distance to the moon through sponsored activities, and COOKIE, which provides support to ten young elite athletes in Switzerland. (www.amisdecookie.ch)

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