Sport & Finance for Development (SF4D)
White Paper

 Combining the best of innovative finance and sports for development

What if we could accelerate our journey towards the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development through the power of sport? The newly published Sport & Finance for Development White Paper is a call for sports organizations and practitioners, donors as well as the finance community to join forces and apply innovative, outcome-based finance to transform young people’s lives through sport, physical activity and active play. It is a plea to marry the excellence of two fields to mobilize more sustainable sources of capital from private and public actors to finance impactful sports-based interventions targeting youth education, well-being, gender equality, empowerment and other SDG-related objectives.

 Philippe Furrer and Patrick Elmer are (global) Swiss citizen-entrepreneurs from two different “industries” who met in late 2018 and agreed that something needed to be done to bring together the best of “their worlds”: sustainable finance and centuries of innovations in banking on the one hand, and the power of sport, physical activity, movement and active play to transform young people’s lives on the other. SF4D was born and the publication of this White Paper is the foundation stone of an exciting endeavor.