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Enabling organisations to focus on transforming the lives of their citizens, workforce, members or clients

Human beings have been engineered to move and to communicate. This is the fundamental belief that fuels insPoweredBy with passion and drive: a strong belief in the benefits of movement and sport, whatever the age, individual capacity and context. Being physically active is a fundamental human right and need, of which political leaders and CEOs in the corporate world should be aware.

Role models are important assets in all policies to get people more active and healthy: the workplace, the family, the sports club or the neighbourhood all need these individuals and leaders, who can not only talk the walk but also walk the talk.

insPoweredBy believes in empowering its partners to identify resources and deliver change with a focus on transforming the lives of their employees, members, citizens or clients. There is no one-solution-fits-all. Every organisation has different needs and resources

Whatever your compass and the terrain, whatever your aspiration, insPoweredBy can become your partner and help you to define your own journey to transform your people into more active, healthy, efficient and happy communities of citizens, workers, members or clients.